Printer Problems

Unable to print to network printer?

Suddenly being unable to print to a printer on your network is frustrating. Fortunately, most of the time this is caused by one of three common issues:

1. Check to see if the printer is actually on the network. Most printers have a webpage. If you can't access the printer webpage, it means that there is a network communication issue between your computer and the printer.

2. Check to see if the printer is displaying an error after you send a document to it. If it's out of a certain color of toner, has a jam, or some other issue, it will usually confess on the front display. If it isn't showing anything on the display, it may have information on its webpage.

3. Check to see if something is misconfigured on your computer. Is the paper size set correctly?Is the document a complex unflattened PDF or postscript file? Are you able to print from a different program? If there is no obvious misconfiguration, then it's often easiest to just reinstall the printer software using the latest version from the manufacturer's website.


Office 2016 OSX


Office 2016 is the latest and greatest version of Office for Mac from Microsoft.  You can download the preview version for free from the link below.  Microsoft has made big strides in cloud based collaboration and document sharing.  Office 2016 allows you to add your drive account and Sharepoint sites so you can save directly to the sites from the Office interface.  Office 2016 also supports realtime collaboration/sharing via the Office365 browser interface, Sharepoint, and One Drive.  

Besides online collaboration, Excel data manipulation features have been expanded and keyboard shortcuts have been standardized between the Windows and Mac Versions. Powerpoint has numerous improvements to timing, transitions, new templates, and a new presenter view feature.  The user interface also received a badly needed upgrade from Office 2011.  Some issues to be aware of are that it’s still in beta, so there will be bugs and unforeseen issues.  If you choose to install the preview, be prepared to reset your outlook profile and perform other troubleshooting.



Wunderlist is a wonderful cloud based application that lets you create checklists and synch them across multiple platforms, including Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, and others!  It also has extensive sharing features between Wunderlist users and it allows you to share lists via e-mail (although only in plain text.) 

We find that Wunderlist is useful primarily for organizing day-to-day to-do lists.  The share features also allow you to easily create to-do lists for your entire team, allocate tasks, and monitor their completion. The publish feature allows users without a Wunderlist account to view lists.  The interface itself is user friendly and stylish. You will rarely find yourself clicking around trying to figure out how to use a particular feature. 

The application is light weight and bug free. It’s hard to argue with the base price of free!  Some drawbacks to the application include limitations on features with the free version.  For example, you can only assign 25 tasks per shared list with the free version.  The published web page also has ads on it, which makes it less than ideal for client facing publication.  Overall, the application is a great productivity booster!

Happy Listing!

AdBlock Plus

Today’s internet is a dangerous place for the incautious browser. It’s all too easy to click a malicious pop up ad and end up with malware installed on your computer. This can cause major loss of productivity and in some cases, even data loss.

Furthermore, ads are intrusive, popping up, popping under, and sucking up bandwidth.

One of the best proactive defenses against malware is a browser add on called AdBlock Plus. This software is free and furthermore it’s available for Macs and PCs. It will also function in all the major browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even Opera.

AdBlock Plus is the most popular browser extension in the world, with over 300 million downloads. Kinetix highly recommends using AdBlock Plus in the browser of your choice.




What To Expect From Windows 10

Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 10, was announced this week.  Here are some features we can expect see:

  • The desktop is similar to Windows 7 and the Start menu has returned
  • Live tiles that are used in Windows 8 can be added to the Start menu
  • You can snap 2 apps together and run them side by side
  • You will be able to manage multiple desktops. You can customize each based on your needs
  • Windows 10 can adapt to whatever device you’re using. If you’re using a tablet with an attached keyboard it will run in desktop mode, once the keyboard is removed if will switch to tablet mode



Quick Tip: Outlook For Mac

If your Outlook for Mac inbox isn't syncing properly, you can usually resolve it by clearing your inbox cache. 

1.              Right-click (or control-click) your                   Exchange Inbox

2.              Click Folder Properties

3.              Click the General Tab

4.              Click Empty Cache

Note: This will clear out any locally cached emails and re-sync your email application with the Exchange server. This process will take several minutes and appears as though nothing is happening. Rest assured, your local cache is being cleared and when the process is complete you will be able to click the OK button.