Printer Problems

Unable to print to network printer?

Suddenly being unable to print to a printer on your network is frustrating. Fortunately, most of the time this is caused by one of three common issues:

1. Check to see if the printer is actually on the network. Most printers have a webpage. If you can't access the printer webpage, it means that there is a network communication issue between your computer and the printer.

2. Check to see if the printer is displaying an error after you send a document to it. If it's out of a certain color of toner, has a jam, or some other issue, it will usually confess on the front display. If it isn't showing anything on the display, it may have information on its webpage.

3. Check to see if something is misconfigured on your computer. Is the paper size set correctly?Is the document a complex unflattened PDF or postscript file? Are you able to print from a different program? If there is no obvious misconfiguration, then it's often easiest to just reinstall the printer software using the latest version from the manufacturer's website.