Office 2016 OSX


Office 2016 is the latest and greatest version of Office for Mac from Microsoft.  You can download the preview version for free from the link below.  Microsoft has made big strides in cloud based collaboration and document sharing.  Office 2016 allows you to add your drive account and Sharepoint sites so you can save directly to the sites from the Office interface.  Office 2016 also supports realtime collaboration/sharing via the Office365 browser interface, Sharepoint, and One Drive.  

Besides online collaboration, Excel data manipulation features have been expanded and keyboard shortcuts have been standardized between the Windows and Mac Versions. Powerpoint has numerous improvements to timing, transitions, new templates, and a new presenter view feature.  The user interface also received a badly needed upgrade from Office 2011.  Some issues to be aware of are that it’s still in beta, so there will be bugs and unforeseen issues.  If you choose to install the preview, be prepared to reset your outlook profile and perform other troubleshooting.