Wine of the Month Club

Plonk Wine Club offers a way to jar you out of the ordinary. At the start of each month, I wait with anticipation to see where our journey through wine will take us. Etty selects wines that are not the usual suspects, but instead identifies unique finds from intriguing locations around the world. I have been able to try spectacular wines, while gaining a better understanding of wine along the way!

What you get 

1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription 

2 boutique wines in each shipment

Expert tasting notes and recipe pairings  


Depending on which wine subscription you choose, you may select one of the following perks to use the next month: 

- Rinse

- My Clean 

- Instacart 

- Spa credits

- Carnivore Club 

- SoulCycle 

- 24-Hour Fitness

- Pure Barre

- Orange Theory 

- Gold's Gym 

- CorePower

- RTR Credits

- Boomernag (NYC)