Why Workstation Encryption Matters

BitLocker (for Windows) and FileVault (for Apple) are built-in features in modern operating systems which allow you to encrypt the data on your local hard drive. Encryption is an essential security tool because without it, a thief can connect directly to your hard drive and extract all the information easily. With encryption, however, your information won’t be visible to anyone without your password or your encryption key even if they have physical access. BitLocker and FileVault have strong enough encryption protection that unauthorized access is virtually impossible.


Kinetix enforces encryption on all workstations with the appropriate security tools installed. For Windows, we enforce BitLocker by policy through Intune and for Apple, we enforce FileVault by policy through Jamf. Without these tools (or their equivalent), you can’t have confidence that all your company’s workstations have encryption properly configured. This is one important reason that we include Intune (for Windows) and Jamf (for Apple) on all our supported workstations.

For more information regarding BitLocker, FileVault, or how to protect your team with data encryption, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or contact us to learn more!