Company House

Kinetix will book a weekend (2 nights max) house rental for the people who sign up for this getaway. Kinetix will provide some (not all) of the food, alcohol, and games.


- The total budget for this trip may not reflect all of the employees perk budgets combined. The budget will be set by Pratap ahead of time. If the employee wants their full annual perk, they should go with another option. Example) If 10 employees choose to cash in their yearly perk for this, the budget for the trip will NOT be $6,000. 

- Food and alcohol will be budgeted ahead of time and purchased by Erica and approved by Pratap.

- Games will also be purchased by Kinetix.

- The house rental will be booked and approved by Feifei and Pratap. 

- Anything extra will be at the employees expense and nothing should be added to the employees expense report. 

- All expenses and budgets will be set by Pratap and Erica ahead of time and at their sole discretion. 


May not be paired or swapped with any other perk

May select another perk after 365 days of original perk selection 


Santa Barbra 


Half Moon Bay