Chris Hope

What Chris Does

Director of operations 

Question: How do you start your day?

Answer: I like to start my day with a large cup of coffee and some headphones so I can catch up on everything before the day starts getting too crazy.

Question: How would you summarize your role?

Answer: My job is to make sure that clients are just as satisfied if not more satisfied with the one time projects we do as they are with our ongoing support services.

Question: What do you like most about your job?

Answer: The thing I like best about my job is that it is always changing. There are no two projects that are ever the same and each has its own requirements and issues that need to be solved. I really enjoy helping our clients find a unique solution that helps them do their own jobs in a more productive way.

Office Life


New Skills

Question: What is the best new skill you’ve learned at Kinetix?

Answer: I’ve learned too many new skills to count. Aside from the technical skills that I’ve picked up, I think my favorite learning experiences have been the productivity training we do. I’ll be the first to tell you that before Kinetix I spent a lot more time than necessary trying to coordinate things in both my personal and professional life and this has helped me organize my life ten-fold!

Question:  What has been your favorite company event?

Answer: My favorite company event was probably dodgeball. You never really know a person until they’re trying to take your head off with a rubber ball.

Question: What would you tell your best friend about office life at Kinetix?

Answer: I would tell them that the Kinetix office is a little bit of controlled chaos but in a good way. There’s a great energy here and it pushes everyone to bring their A game to the office every day.




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