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Have a great time working with fun co-workers

" I think we do a good job of hiring people that share the company values and goals. I feel like everyone at Kinetix are good friends, both inside and outside the office, which is something I haven't seen at any other company I have worked at."

 "I've been to other company outings and have always felt the need to still be uptight and super professional among 'coworkers'. But at Kinetix outings, I feel at ease to celebrate the hard work we all put in, among friends."

"Everyone gets along really well here. I spend a lot of weekends hanging out with Kinetix people."


Room to grow

·      Fully Stocked Kitchen

·      Kegerator

·      Catered Lunches

·      Monthly Offsite Happy Hours

·      Company Softball League

·      Quarterly Employee Appreciation Events

·      Annual Holiday Party

·      Annual Camping Retreat

·      100% Coverage of Medical, Dental, and Vision              Premiums

·      Quarterly Profit Sharing

·      Educational and Self Development Bonuses

·      401(K) Program

·      $125 Monthly Cell Phone Reimbursement

·      Monthly Bonus System 

It's Not ALL Fun & Games. Oh, wait...
Wear a Smile to Work. Every. Day.

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