Publishing Company

Really invaluable to have a whole team of people working to support my users with varied expertise and knowledge.
— Emma, Director of IT
IT is not something I really need to think about. I’m protective of you guys, and same thing I always say. The Kinetix team is a huge number of experts I can’t replicate in-house. Improvements over the course of a few years since working together. Haven’t had the need to pay attention to IT.
— Emma, Director of IT


Kinetix actually cares. Most companies are reactive, Kinetix is proactive. Kinetix will keep following up with you until the issue is confirmed as resolved. I think that you guys are great for bouncing ideas off of. I always feel like you guys would be more than happy to point us in the right direction on something that is out of scope.
— Cesar, Office Manager


Kinetix efficiently handled the many moving parts, worked great with outside vendors and overseeing the installation of all IT components. You guys were responsive to phone and email inquires related to this project.
— Emily, Operations Coordinator
Great follow up & I know Kinetix will make sure the project gets completed and is done correctly! I have a lot going on and I might drop the ball, so its good that I get reminded. Explanations are helpful as I’m not super technical.
— Kairee, Office Manager
Responsiveness. Everyone I talk to is super helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure we are taken care of. In addition, sometimes you think of things that I don’t.
— Stephanie, Director of Operations