Kristin Elvinger

What Kristin Does

Finance Manager

Question: How do you start your day?

Answer: Breakfast – it’s the most important part of my morning. Then, if I didn’t set my Wunderlist the night before, I like to take a moment to layout a handful of top priorities for the day. After a quick run through my email and check on the procurement queue, I kick off with a couple hours focused on my to-do list.

Question: What is your day-to-day work like?

Answer: I try to dedicate half of my day to proactive, bigger picture work like improving profitability and finding ways to make our procurement and finance processes more efficient. The other half of my day is left for the routine stuff like reporting, managing AR, preparing our financials, etc.

Question: How would you summarize your job?

Answer: I manage finance and procurement.

Question: What do you like most about your job?

Answer: The variety of work and types of challenges keep me entertained and on my toes.


Office Life

Trust & productivity 

Question: How did you find Kinetix?

Answer: I was doing a pretty broad job search and when I interviewed for a position with Client Operations, I was excited to hear there was more room for growth than the initial job posting conveyed. With the promise of great learning and the possibility of turning my position into something that aligned more with my background and interests, I was hooked. They have stayed true to their word and I continue to find and explore new opportunities. 

Question: What would you tell your best friend about office life at Kinetix?

Answer: It’s experimental and full of independent and ambitious people who trust and like each other. This combination makes for a fun, motivating environment.

Question: What is the best new skill you’ve learned at Kinetix? 

Answer: My favorite new area of personal development has been in productivity. I thought I was pretty structured with my work before, but I’ve learned so many cool new tricks and habits that have helped me improve both my work and personal life. 

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