Level 2 Technician


The job requirements for the Level 2 tech position are straightforward: solve challenging problems with ingenuity and finesse, manage client expectations like an expensive therapist, handle a demanding caseload with aplomb, communicate swiftly and transparently with colleagues and clients, push the limits of your productivity, and exceed exceptionally high expectations and established metrics in everything you do. You should have solid experience supporting workstations (PC & Mac), Windows servers (Active Directory, Group Policy), and advanced networking environments (DHCP, DNS, VPN), but we value learning potential over experience. 

After two years at Kinetix, you’ll be a problem-solving ninja who owns cases like a boss. You’ll double your IT knowledge, even if you’re already a badass. You’ll reach levels of productivity you’ve only experienced in dreams where you have two heads and four arms. You’ll make clients so happy, you’ll maintain an average feedback score greater than 9.3/10. You’ll watch Kinetix grow so fast your head will spin, and when it stops spinning, you’ll look back with pride about everything you did to make it happen. You’ll make every client a raving fan of you and of Kinetix. You’ll make new friends you actually want to hang out with outside work and create countless fun memories along the way. And at the end of the day, you’ll head home with an immense sense of satisfaction and rush in the next morning with a sense of purpose and determination.