Health & Wellness

Travel & Entertainment 



Wanna mix and match? No problem! 

You may switch between any of the service and health perks on a month-to-month basis. Perk swaps may be made on the last day of the month. Changes requested after this date will not be accepted. More detail on each perk page.  

Example: You can do Carnivore Club one month, the wine club the next month, SoulCyle the month after, and so on.

Travel & Entertainment perks may not be swapped or paired with any other perks. If you select a Travel & Entertainment perk, you will need to wait 365 days till you make your next selection.  

Perk Use

Perks are on a use it or lose it basis. It is the employees responsibility to make perk selections and change requests.

Perks will be purchased by Erica you may not expense anything. If any of the perks show up on an expense report, it will be denied.

Employees may not request to cash in their perks after they put in their intent to leave Kinetix.