Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

I spoke to my friend the other day and he mentioned how difficult it is to find a good IT provider. I said I love my IT provider and he could not believe that I actually liked my IT company!
— Jenna, CFO
Kinetix makes things super easy and I get to be more hands-off with IT needs. You guys handle everything for us.
— Jenny. Office Manager
Seamless, easy to use, and Kinetix takes care of all the stuff I don’t really want to work on. Good fit for a streamlined team.
— Aaron, Director of Operations
I think that you guys bring structure in the chaotic world. I like the structure of how you break it down to technical/non-technical people and allow us to be a part of the process.
— Kevin, Security Lead
MSPs want to put us in a specific box and you guys have done a really good job and realizing we don’t really fit into a box and need a different style of model. Kinetix has adapted to us
— Kim, Operations Lead
It’s a one stop shop and constantly evolving relationship. We have come a long way with Kinetix .
— Max, Founder/CFO
Kinetix doesn’t oversell. It is like buying a Ferrari vs. a Honda Accord. Previous IT providers were selling us a Ferrari, but Kinetix recognized that we only needed a Honda Accord for our business needs.
— Caleb, COO
The communication tactics and strategic advice are great. We appreciate that when we come to you with a problem to solve, you will come back with a few solutions of varying degrees.
— Liam, Senior Vice President
You guys are responsive, adaptable, very sensitive to cost considerations, and know how to collaborate.
— Ryan, Senior Director of Operations