We Know Security

Simplify the Essentials

80% of security threats can be prevented with basic tools and monitoring. We’ve carefully curated a best-of-breed set of essential tools and management services, so you can check off all the basic requirements simply and inexpensively.

Bundles to Fit Your Needs

We offer three tiers of managed security bundles that each offer a suite of highly effective products to give you the protection you need at a price that makes sense. Choose from simple packages with managed antivirus, DNS filtering, and single sign-on, all the way up to highly sophisticated threat alerting with a Security Incident Event Manager (SIEM) backed by a skilled Security Operations Center (SOC) that addresses threats in real time.

Individualized Consulting

We offer in-depth security consulting services to explore your technology infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities. We are adept at security hardening projects and can guide you swiftly through certifications like SOC2 and PCI.

Proactively Fight Threats

Every MSP will tell you they’re cybersecurity experts, but there’s more to security than installing antivirus and setting up a firewall. The landscape of threats changes quickly, and Kinetix devotes a large amount of resources to keeping on top of trends and exploring the latest security products.