[Resolved] - Google Calendar Outage - 6/18

This morning we received reports from multiple clients that they were unable to reach Googles G-Suite calendar service. Upon contacting Google support, we were informed that this is a global issue impacting many Google customers and that there is currently no ETA for resolution.

We will continue to follow up with Google and will provide updates on this page as we learn more. In addition you can view Googles official status page here

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[RESOLVED] G-Suite Outage - 5/8/2019

Earlier this afternoon, we began receiving reports that clients using G Suite/Gmail became suddenly unable to send outbound messages. Our team contacted Google support, who confirmed that the issues were related to a global G Suite outage and that they were working on a resolution. Shortly afterward, Google updated its official status website with this information.

There is no ETA for a resolution at this time, but we will continue to provide updates here as we get additional information from Google.

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[RESOLVED] Comcast Outage - 04/01/19

At this time, it has come to our attention that Comcast is experiencing widespread  network connectivity issues throughout the San Francisco Bay area. At this time most sites have seen their network connectivity restored, but a few are still pending resolution. Comcast ETA is now at 06:43 PM, 04/02/19.

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Datacenter Major Outage

At this time we are experiencing an outage for some clients in our colo. This will affect RDS connectivity. We are investigating this further, and update here as new information is gained. Let us know if you have any questions by calling at 650-454-8850. 

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[Resolved] Shortel Outage - 1/24

We've received multiple calls and discovered that the company Shortel is experiencing a major outage which is affecting all clients across the US/Canada. This is affecting entire phone systems as they are unable to connect to their services. We are continuing to reach out to Shortel for updates but as of now there is not an estimated time of return to service.

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