Microsoft Office 365 Email Routing Issues - 6/30 - Post Mortem

We believe all issues related to the Microsoft Office 365 outage have been resolved, so we wanted to provide a post mortem on the issue

The Issue: Office 365 Email Delivery 

What we did: 
·  First Kinetix contacted Microsoft to confirm reports of regarding email routing issues
· Once had confirmation from Microsoft that this was a widespread issue on their end, Kinetix determined that there was no action possible on our end. We then informed all Office 365 clients via email of the issues and monitored the situation for updates

The Resolution:  The Microsoft support team was able to restore service for most clients at 3pm PST and fully resolve the issue for all clients at around 9pm PST 

What we can do better to prevent this from happening again: Unfortunately, there were no preventative measures Kinetix could have taken to avoid the issues Microsoft experienced on 6/30. If Microsoft experiences problems in the future, we will be sure to inform all clients quickly and be available to answer any questions


Please let us know if you have any questions.



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