Datacenter Major Outage

At this time we are experiencing an outage for some clients in our colo. This will affect RDS connectivity. We are investigating this further, and update here as new information is gained. Let us know if you have any questions by calling at 650-454-8850. 


Update 4/11 @ 8:52am PST

After investigation it appears that the source of this outage was related to a Microsoft update and has been manually address by Kinetix Support Staff. This issue is now pending close. We will continue to monitor and update this page once the outage has been cleared


Update 4/11 @ 10:07 am PST

After further investigation, it appears that the source of this outage was a Microsoft update that broke the network adapters for several virtual servers, forcing us to fix each adapter’s settings manually. This issue is now closed for all RDS users


Kinetix Support