[RESOLVED] Server Outage - 7/18/2018

We are aware of an issue with a large number of client servers that has resulted in servers patching and rebooting outside of normal business hours. These issues appear to be a glitch in the server patching application and we're currently working on the problem. Our current estimated time for resolution is one hour but we will continue to update this channel as more updates are available.

Let us know if you have any questions by calling at 650-454-8850. 

12PM PST Update - The vast majority of servers should now be back online. Please give us a call at 650-454-8850 if you are still experiencing any issues, however this outage is pending clear.

11:15AM PST Update - Servers have started to come back online. We expect that bulk of all servers to be back up within the next 45 minutes, however a small subset of servers may require additional troubleshooting. We will reach out directly to any clients with servers that don't immediately come back up within this time frame.