Pratap Mukherjee, CEO

Pratap is a veteran entrepreneur and CEO who has built three high-growth companies in the past 12 years. Most recently, he served as CEO of Recurve, leading the company to become the leader in the residential energy-efficiency software industry. Prior to Recurve, Pratap was the co-founder and CEO of Beacon Fire & Safety. In his five year tenure, he drove the company’s growth, fundraising, acquisitions, and eventual sale to a Fortune 500 company.

Pratap has an MBA, MA in Education, MS in Engineering-Economic Systems, and BA in Quantitative Economics, all from Stanford University.

Rodger Keesee, CSO

Rodger founded Kinetix in 2004 to solve the serious business issue of hourly billing in the face of technology’s growing complexity and the need for a comprehensive IT strategy in growing organizations. The core mission and philosophy of the company arose from Rodger’s frustrations; he dealt with many IT support companies whose incentives were not aligned with his, who were learning on his dime and who did not provide the big-picture strategy and planning that high-growth companies require. As Chief Service Officer, Rodger is dedicated to solving those problems for clients, maintaining the company’s very high client retention rate, and setting a new service standard for the IT support industry.

Prior to founding Kinetix, Rodger was Vice President of Technology for a venture-backed global enterprise software company, where he led large, multinational software development teams to build and continuously improve the company’s core technology product.

Mark Adams, CTO

With more than 20 years of experience in information technology, Mark manages all client-side and Kinetix internal IT infrastructure services, including hosting services, server and storage support, network services and management support. He frequently serves as the part-time CIO for Kinetix clients, aiding in strategy development and ensuring high-quality follow-through.

Mark was driven to Kinetix by his frustrations with the traditional IT support companies he had worked with throughout his career. He sought a place where the client’s best interests were in his best interests, and found that at Kinetix.